Required date in project deliverable

  • 29 September 2022
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Dear all, 


the default required date of project deliverables is set from the ‘Early Finish Date’ of the connected project activity as explained in the help below:


Does anybody know if there is way to define it with the ‘Early Start Date’ instead?

And if not, is there any possibility to set a defaut offset for the activity?


Thanks a lot for your Help😉


3 replies

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there is no possibility to change it, except manual as wanted delivery date on the PO (or SO)
If you have a shop order, it will use the lead-time of the shop order.

The idea is that the PD item is a deliverable in that activity , so it needs to be there at the end of that activity.
From a planning perspective the activity where it can get build into a higher level (or used) precedes the acquiring activity.

Hop this helps
Regards Erik

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My Customer INIT faces the same problem. Case: Material gets installed via Workorder.
It is not possible to use the same activity for this without changing the required date, because the material is logically available too late (at finish date, when installation should be finished...).

At first we thought about 2 Activities. “A” as aquiring activity, “B” for installation via work orders.
But our problem is that MWO can’t see (=use) the Material from activity “A”, which would mean we have to transfer the material to “B”.
That’s not a good process.

So we decided to use one activity and to set the “Offset” as soon as possible.


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Thanks ErilNL and Paulde for your quick answers, now i know what to advice to my customer.


Thanks for all 😀