Cloud 22R1 MWO - Transfer To Mobile error

  • 29 September 2022
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Hi community

I have an issue on Cloud 22R1 where I am using the function Transfer To Mobile. Regardless of which module I am in - Service Management, Service or Maintenance I get the following error when I press ‘Transfer To Mobile’ :-

Can anyone point me in the right direction to the correct this error please.

thanks Graham

3 replies

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Do you get this for each and every task when the Transfer to mobile function is used? On_Hold is a task attribute and on hold tasks should not be possible to transferred to mobile. 



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Hi Sampath

Thanks for the reply.

If the task is On Hold there is no option to Transfer to Mobile. 

This looks like a parameter issue or entity issue but I cannot find it

I hope this explains a bit better the problem

thanks Graham

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Hi, Please see whether this is env specific. Also is there any customisation ? 

if you still have the issue please raise a support ticket to check this further.