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Yellow Notes in Aurena

  • 6 December 2019
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Appreciate the feedback on Sticky Notes.

It’s clear that the easy of use and the “in your face” aspect is key here. We as users of IFS software are humans, and we like to make analogies to the real world and sticky notes are a tangible thing. That was the whole idea behind sticky notes. 

Custom fields or a separate tab or a regular Notes field could seem to serve the same purpose, and as much as it does that from a tech point of view (rich text and images a side) - it doesn’t provide the same user experience.

Note also that Stickies are stored as a connected objected (sort of), so the data is not searchable on the main business object, such as Customer Order or an Invoice. It is also not possible to put the data on a report etc. 

Sticky notes uses RTF (Rich Text Format) which is a (dying) Microsoft format used mostly in Windows - so it is not suitable for cross platform and web use. 

It is clear sticky notes is very important for some of you. It is also clear Sticky Notes is not implemented in IFS Aurena. If sticky notes re-appear in some shape and form it will not be using RTF and user experience would have to adopt to a responsive web layout (not using saved X,Y position) and not be a floating window. But to me it is clear the strength is on the simplicity, the real world yellow sticky note analogy, and the flexible “collaboration” aspect.

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I have been asked to elaborate on my previous answer and specifically answer the question

"Are you able to confirm whether the sticky notes are deprecated in future and if so what is the alternative and how to migrate existing sticky notes ?"

The answer is yes, Sticky Notes are deprecated. If Sticky Notes were used to save some additional information connected to an object, then an alternative to use would be Custom Fields. There is currently no alternative to get the same “in your face” feeling that several people seems to be requesting. We have noted the request to find an equivalent solution and it will be considered, but there is no such solution planned for the upcoming release. There is no general migration plan at the moment, but the stored Sticky Notes are not removed so depending on the usage it should be possible to extract needed information during upgrade (or later). 

Hi Dominik,

It's been 1 year since your answer about the sticky notes. Is there any news about it in the meantime? Has a solution been found to implement this in Aurena/Cloud and is there already a timeline for when it will be available?

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Hi @domze,

Could you please let us know whether there is any internal task/ETA proceeding on this activity?

CC: @Piumi Rubasinghe @Rusiru Dharmadasa 

Best regards