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Custom Column Base Profile Issue

  • 27 May 2021
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Hello all, 

I have created several custom columns on Shop Floor Workbench. I have added them to the Base Profile and restarted the IFS sessions. However, I am finding that the columns are still not visible and oriented the way they were on the Base Profile. This behavior appears to be different for custom fields. When I create a custom field and apply it to the Base Profile, it is immediately visible to users after they restart their sessions. With custom columns, users have to RMB and select Column Chooser, then make the column visible. This becomes problematic because I have Shop Floor terminals where I prevent users from having these permissions. I was hoping to be able to simply use the Base Profile to make these new columns visible. I am not sure if I am incorrectly using the Base Profile to set these up or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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UPDATE - I was never able to address this with the Base Profile, however, I was able to use the Personal Profile import to function to deploy this change to my shop floor terminals. I configured the column (size and orientation), saved the profile of the account. I then exported the branch and imported it into the personal profile of each terminal. The custom column was then properly displayed and aligned on each terminal.