IFS Cloud 22R1 Azure Storage for DocMan

  • 18 March 2023
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I have IFS Cloud Installation Using 22R1 using remote deployment on Azure Storage.

If there any way to use Azure Storage for DocMan. I have tired using Shared Path but seems its working.

in This i have created Repositotary Address using \\<ServerName>\<path mapped on the server 

given user name password for the server. 

Added Same Address in Repositotary and used port 22 (SCP) as the azure storage path is mapped to linux server. 

But While check in the document its failing to connet to the Respositotary.

Please suggest. Storing documents on Database is not a very good option.



1 reply

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In theory, this should be possible if you can ensure that there is network connectivity between the k8s cluster and the shared folder. It's important to make sure k8s (linkerd) is also configured to accept SMB traffic. The port number you specified will NOT be taken into account, it's only used for FTP communication.