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Applying IFS Global Extension to Apps10

  • 13 January 2022
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Hi Everyone,


I am working on task to apply GET Apps10 version to customer code line, who is on Apps10 UPD13.  Installation guidelines document from  mentions that GET can be either retrieved from ‘Ext Archive’ or from LCS.  If I want to create harvest extractor file for UPD13 version from LCS using ‘’ ,   will it include cumulative files from GET base version and up to UPD13.  I used to follow this approach while applying GET for Apps9 customer.  But document says to get RTM version + required UPD version.    


Other option is to extract  GET files using ‘Config Builder’. Once config builder is run and  I assume that we can take files from all folders under ‘Components’ and check into harvest and build delivery through solution developer.


If there is a detailed document, please let me know from where it can accessed.  Thanks for the help.


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Hi dikuus, 

These are the steps you can follow to retrieve GET files from Config Builder: 
1. Prepare a Notepad in your workfolder to fetch files of GET Extension. You can get a sample from the following location -  

For App10: \\cmbpde1755\GET10_UPD9

Make sure you select the UPD you are currently applying 

2. Edit the Notepad with only the components the customer has. You can open the cifx and see what GET components are being used by the customer.

3. Fetch files using ConfigBuilder
In IPE select Config Builder Tool, then select ‘Customized RRC file’ option. 
For ‘RRC File’ field give GET .csv file path as below
* For GET App10: \\corpnet\files\Configbuild\ArchiveApp10_GET_rrc.csv
* For ‘Customer configuration file’ path give the path of your text file which we edited and saved above

Now all customer GET components should get listed as below. Make sure the ‘Update’ column has the target update customer is taking eg for UPD9

Select your workspace folder as the place where you want to fetch the files

Finally make sure that the ‘All files’ option is selected under ‘Select Fetch Mode’. And then click on ‘Fetch’

This should fetch all the files till the UPD you are applying. Hope this helps you. 

Best regards,