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Create Read Only Display of Existing Field

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How do you get an existing field (not a custom field) to show up on a different page?

I am trying to display the Organization Code (org_code) from the Organization and Position Assignments page (company_pers_assign_act view) on the Purchase Orders Lines (POL) page (purchase_order_line_all view).  So it is an already existing field and not a custom field.  When I try to create a custom field so it will display on the POL page I cannot get it to work.  I have tried Reference (can’t find the field I want to display), Select (mostly get the not a custom field error) and Expression (Mostly get statement is invalid).

I am not 100% sure which is the best route.  I thougtht the expression looked the most promising.  I have tried:

company_pers_assign_api.get_org_code((select assignment_seq_no from company_pers_assign_act where person_id = v.authorize_code))

as the expression.  The get_org_code needs the assignment_seq_no as the parameter which is what the select statement is trying to get.  Looking at the COMPANY_PERS_ASSIGN_ACT view it does look to have assignment_seq_no as one of the fields, but couldn’t get that to work (got statement is invalid).

So, how an I get an existing field to display in a different page not associated with said view/field?


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Hi @rvanden5 ,

You use the correct way to create a ‘read only’ field.

But I am not sur what you want to accomplish, Which org code do you want to show?

From which employee/person. This should exist in the PO line, otherwise this will not work.

Please let me know, so I can help you further.



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We want coordinator from the purchase order to have their org_code displayed.  This would be the the authorize_code field from the Purchase_order_line_all view.  So if the authorizer/coordinator was JMONTANA from Maintenance, we want to have that org_code displayed on the line with the other data.  Something like:

This ‘Maint’ org_code is hardcoded so is the same for all lines.  This is just for example purposes.

The authorize_code from the Purchase_order_line_all view matches up to the person_id in the Company_pers_assign_act view which holds the org_code we want.

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Hi @rvanden5 ,

I managed to created the custom field via a select statement. It should also be possible to do so with an expression, but I have not managed that yet. I used the coordinator of the purchase order, this field is not available on the purchase order line. Hopefully this helps you.


You can use the following arguments:


With the following statement:


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Thank you very much for the help.  I had been having no luck figuring that out by myself.  I hope you have a wonderful day.