ORA-20111: SubProject.FND_RECORD_NOT_EXIST: The Sub Project does not exist.

  • 30 August 2021
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When we add Project_Role_Assignment_RRP in HUB fail with ‘The Sub Project does not exist’ error in satellite, where relevant sub-projects already exist on the Satellites.

Any Idea on the reason for the above error message.

2 replies

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Hi Elath,


Reason behind this error can be due to in satellite environment Project Access On check box is checked. To avoid this error as a workaround we can untick the Project Access check box in satellite environment before replicating the project roles.




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Hi @Elath De Silva ,


Easiest is to check the OUT message and the IN message in the bundle message viewer,

If the out message is having the correct data for the ‘Attribute Variables’ then check the failed IN message in the satellite environment.

If you go to the Bundle Message Viewer and query for the message id it will shows all the rows and which has the error. When you click on the relevant row it will also shows the attributes that passes to the Project_Role_Assignment_RSP.Replicate() which will then call the relevant NewModify method.



I don’t see any big underline logic in the code, so please verify the data which replicates in the message first. if the sub projects are already in the satellite , it should work