Work task transaction finally posted

  • 31 May 2021
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I need to remove the finally posted flag on some work task transaction. I reopen the work task and

when I try to Remove Finally Posted I have an error that all criteria to remove this flag has not been meet.. It seems to me that I do what I can, but...

What should I do, please ?


5 replies

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Any idea ?

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Hi @mlowicki 

You shouldn’t need to do more then you have done.

A shot in the dark - are you using WIP cost codes? If so, can you double check that the WIP code has been reversed to the ordinary cost code on all transactions.

The only reason I can think of would be that for some reason one (or many) of the transactions has a WIP cost code (that is the criteria that are checked). 


The accounting cycle is a collective process of identifying, analyzing, and recording the accounting events of a company. It is a standard 8-step process that begins when a transaction occurs and ends with its inclusion in the financial statements.

Hi @mlowicki & @Thommy ,

We are receiving the same error message and are using WIP Cost Codes.  We can confirm that one of the transactions did not have a WIP cost code applied (this was a non-inventory external purchase), yet somehow also ended up finally posted.  We are unable to reverse the finally posted status even after trying an Overring Cost Code. 

Do you have any other suggestions on how to handle this M93 work task transaction that is in an overtaken status AND finally posted?  We would have expected the M93 to create a TP3 during the reposting job now that the status is Overtaken.  




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Hi @ssmith_DHP 

I don’t think adding an Override Cost Code will do much in this case.

The strange thing are as you say that you haven’t got any TP3 record created, that is really strange.

What are the status on the Work Task?

I would try to have the Work Task first in like Work Done stage and then use Release WIP to Final Accounts on the rows that have WIP codes on them and then again try to remove Finally Posted.

Still I’m puzzled why you didn’t get a TP3...