When you export an excel from customer invoiced sales you will get the invoice dates as 01-01-1900

  • 23 June 2022
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IFS client specifies the Date fields as Date() function so that the dates are formatted properly related to the user's Date formats.

However, due to how Excel works it's disabling evaluation of functions (formulas) by default in protected mode. That's why you see the Date value shown incorrectly when first opening the Excel.

But if you click on Enable Editing then the functions are evaluated and the correct value is shown.


2 replies

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@Chamaka Wimalarathne , I have a question why some date fields are directly view in the correct date format in some other pages even in the protected mode?



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PLUS Dates are represented as different format in excel as formulae format and normal String format. It can crosscheck with the Formula bar.