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I am having an problem in report print window. Report preview option is disable. Please see my below screenshot. This sample report is for component information and having this problem for all the reports in this APPS10 environment.


any idea to resolve this issue?



Lahiru udara

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What is the output type of the report?  It is my understanding that if it is not PDF you cannot preview it.

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Hi @Lahiruudara,

  • Do you see this issue on all client machines or only on a select few machines?
  • Have you checked whether a default app has been set on the client machines to open PDFs? Adobe Acrobat is preferred. 
  • What is the type of the layout? IFS Report Designer, SSRS, Crystal etc.
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Was able to resolve the preview button issue after reinstalling the Acrobat pdf reader. But after that, I'm getting another error message for all the reports.

This is the IFSAPP user and component information report. as I said this is appearing for all the reports.

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Hi @Lahiruudara,

Is the Integration Server up and running? It might be a good idea to restart it regardless. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, could be an issue with IFSPRINT user. Please check whether the IFSPRINT user in IFS Middleware Server configuration matches with the one in the database. You can update the IFSPRINT password by doing a reconfiguration of the IFS Middleware Server.

Hope this helps!