How to set default file location for Excel Output

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When using the Output option under a screen to output data on a screen to Excel, I expected the output to be saved in the default location set in my Excel if I click the Save button on in Excel while in the file.

However instead of going to my documents folder on the PC, which is my default save location in Excel, after alot of searching I found the files generated like this in IFS are actually going to an IFS temp folder instead, so the next time I log into my windows, they are gone.
Where and how do I set my default location for files output to Excel from IFS this way to my normal Documents folder, if IFS is ignoring the default path set in my Excel options?
Heres what I do:
Output file with this option:

When in Excel, press Save (not Save As), and then file ends up in the temp folder below instead of in my Documents folder.

In the path below, user id is my actual user id, and the 2 digit number directory at the end changes name at each Windows logout / login.




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Hi @JustinJ,

It appears, the IEE client creates the output file in the current logged in user’s temp directory. Unless you explicitly save it in a directory of your choice by using the Save As option, it will be saved in the temp directory and eventually will get deleted when the temp directory is cleared. 

I also tried setting the default save directory in Excel, but it seems to have no effect. So I am afraid the users would have to make sure to save the Excel in a directory they choose when an Output file is generated.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your reply, so it seems IFS does not have an option to override this setting then. I will ensure I use Save As in Excel in future, as I lost some work a while back just using the Save button, and could not longer find the file the next day, which you have explained the reason for!