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How to export Saved Search list

  • 11 October 2019
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We're upgrading to IFS 10 from IFS 8. I need to verify all the saved searches came through intact. If I navigate "My Administration" -> "Saved Searches", I can see the list. How do I export it so that I can compare the IFS 8 list to the IFS 10 list?

Alternatively, what table or view can I use to see this information in SQL?

Best answer by JULIAN 11 October 2019, 21:47

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If you just need a list of search names to compare then below should do the trick:

select substr(p.profile_section,
instr(p.profile_section, 'SavedSearches/') + 14,
100) as "Search Name"
from ifsapp.fndrr_client_profile_value p
where p.profile_section like '%SavedSearch%'
and p.profile_entry = 'CONDITION'
and ifsapp.fndrr_client_profile_api.Get_Owner(p.profile_id) = '&UID'
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I wasn’t able to get the Condition and UID clauses to work, but without them, I was able to get a list of all saved searches , which I exported to Excel.  The user supplied 4 names that were distinctive enough that I could match them up to her Profile_ID and complete the task.  For anyone following this, I had to change “ifsapp” to what our company calls it.

Thanks, Julian!