Cache refresh after custom field modification

  • 26 August 2021
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I have made changes to the SQL Statement for a custom field which do not appear to have been ‘accepted’ by IFS and displayed on the IFS screen. I read in the Help that a refresh of the cache is necessary - can anyone help me with how to refresh the cache to get my SQL change to be ‘accepted and implemented’ by IFS 8 please?






Best answer by Charith Epitawatta 27 August 2021, 02:38

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Hi @Neil Guild,

Once you make a change to a custom field such as changing the SQL statement, you would see that the custom filed window shows the “synchronized” check box as unchecked. So first you need to RMB and synchronize it. I think you have created the below post for this same issue. Have a look at the screenshot I have included there about how to do the synchronization.

For performance reasons, all window layouts are cached by the client. Therefore to make any configuration changes visible in the client, you need to do the following as well:

  1. Go to the page where you want to show the attribute.
  2. open the context menu on your window by doing a right mouse button and click Custom Objects -> Reload Configuration.

This will refresh the window and you should be able to see the changed configuration.

You can find the custom field documentation here:

This is IFSAPP10 documentation but the steps are pretty much the same in both IFSAPP8 and IFSAPP9.

Hope this helps. 

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Hi @Charith Epitawatta,


Yes , this clears everything up for me :-).


Thanks for your help.