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Instant Invoice - coding

  • 16 February 2021
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I have tried to raise an Instant Invoice but I am unable to add any coding for account/Cost Centre/site etc.


What settings do I have to update to allow this?

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2 replies

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Have you tried adding the account to the sales object?


It is also possible to pre-post on the invoice tab assuming code parts have been defined.


I hope this is helpful.




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Hi Stephen,

Yes, @cperdue’s suggestion is correct as I believe too.

Once you connect the ‘Sales Object’ in ‘Instant Invoice’ window, connected Account would get fetched automatically. That is the Account defined under ‘Sales Object’ window.

Also, as shown in above window, it is mandatory to define an account at the point of creating a sales object. So, I am bit unsure as to why no value got fetched into ‘Account’ field in ‘Instant Invoice’ window.

Have you tried entering an Account without providing a ‘Sales Object’? If so, then it wouldn’t be possible to do so.

Additionally, you would be able to enter information in other code parts depending on how it is allowed in connected account.

So for an example, as shown below, if Cost Cent is set to ‘Blocked’, then you won’t be able to add a value under that code part.


Hope this would further helps. 

Best Regards