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  • 8 September 2021
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We will be coming live on IFS in 8 weeks.  We currently utilize Spreadsheet server for much of our reporting.  This enables us to link directly to our ERP ledger and provides drill down capabilities.  We just learned that this software does not work with IFS in the Cloud.  Looking for an add in that can provide this functionality.

3 replies

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I think IFS Business Reporter can fullfill your requirement. IFS Business Reporter is an add-in to Microsoft Excel. It brings additional reporting capabilities for IFS Applications on top of standard Excel functionality and capabilities.With writeback data can be collected from Excel and be written back to IFS Applications and also Drilldown and Zoom in options are also available.

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Thank you Lahiru.  Are you working with IFS on premise or in the Cloud?  My understanding is that drill down capabilities don’t exist with the Cloud application.  We will be on the Cloud.  Please let me know.


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I contacted a Business Reporter expert and his belief was that the drill down can still work  on a hosted environment.   Zoom in is always another option and is very similar to drill down.    I’ve asked this person to investigate further.  

Hold that - I have another hosted client and I’m 95% certain this works.  They have a person in IT that is really good at creating these business reporter reports and I’m pretty sure those reports work.   I’ll update this post - if I find other.