Create Customer Invoice only shows Delivered Status

  • 6 October 2022
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IFS in mid deployment/implimentation.  We have two environements.  In “ONE” when we go to Create Customer Invoices it only shows Orders with Delivered Status.  We have no filters set, and we cannot change is to show any other statuses.  In environment “TWO” when we go to this session(?) it shows orders with any status.  What is causing ONE to only show Delivered and TWO to show all?  this is IFS 10(?) on premise (not cloud).

1 reply

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The standard search on this view when you just populate the screen is to present Orders in these states:

&AO.Customer_Order_Flow_API.Create_Invoice_Allowed__(ORDER_NO, NULL, -1) = 1 AND objstate IN ('Delivered', 'Released',  'Reserved',  'Picked',  'PartiallyDelivered',  'CreditBlocked' )


So the environment with only ‘Delivered” orders is the one that has the issue.


Standard questions, some seem silly or basic, but you have eliminate all possibilities:

Same user

Same profile

Same permissions

Same sites enabled

Search on the Customer Orders overview for orders grouped by status (advanced search) and make sure have orders in a state other than delivered.

Once all those are verified or true, then go to the Create Customer Invoices view and just populate, don’t search.  Make sure they aren’t just ordered with Delivered first, meaning view the whole list or use the advanced search technique to group them by status.


I have to believe that one of those things is the cause of the difference, but until those are all verified, I wouldn’t go looking deeper.