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Complete Supplier Payment Rollback - bank posting

  • 2 January 2022
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Hi all,

I created a BACS payment in IFS9 (week’s payment run, multiple suppliers / invoices), which failed to process on the bank side, so to correct in IFS, I did a complete supplier payment rollback. This corrected the supplier ledgers, but not the bank ledger - however I was under the impression that a complete rollback would post the bank transaction as well. It’s created a parked payment, which I need to clear. Please could someone advise as to the best way to complete the process? 

Thank you!


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3 replies

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You are right, complete rollback should reverse bank flow as well. 
Please check if payment for all invoices included in batch is reversed, and if so - use manual supplier payment or mixed payment to close parked payment or create opposite parked supplier payment (creating missing bank flow reversal).

In older IFS versions it was not possible to refer existing parked supplier payment in mixed payment, so creating opposite payment and then supplier offset entry to close positive and negative items was the only option. 

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Hi Sarah,

you can use parked payments PP9/PP10 to match them against any open item. They are not connected to any supplier/customer. They represent the total of the already created payment file or money disbursed/received from unknown sources.

There are multiple solutions now, depending on where you are going to process the payment from here and if you use a interim account in the payment process or not

  1. Create Payment in your electronic banking software (not in IFS) f
    In this case you enter all the payments in your banking software and send them to the bank to process them. You can now offset all open items with the parked paymen(s) in mixed payment and everything will be fine (PP9/PP10 will be reversed as well as all AP/AR accounts with the open items are balanced again.
  1. Create another payment in IFS using the payment proposal, Enter all invoices to be paid again. Process the proposal/order. The payment will hit your bank (or interim account depending on the PP1 setting) again. Still the parked payment will be open now. To balance the bank (or interim account from PP1 posting at payment creation) you can use a mixed payment to create a supplier payment and offset the parked payment. (The amount will be posted against the cash account that you enter the mixed payment for). - or if you want to post it to a interim account add another line in the mixed payment with a direct cash transaction against the account from PP1 posting at payment creation of the original order.

Let me know if this helps you to proceed :).


Kind regards



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Great, thank you both - very helpful.