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  • 10 August 2020
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Hello there.

I want to create a new theme for myself. The solutions I saw before did not work.


I would like the simplest explanation to add a new theme.


Question 2


What is FSM?


What is   GlobalThemeXaml


I would like a screen shot to explain.Thank you so much.
I could not understand the examples below.I want a simpler and simpler narration.







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Your first question is what is FSM and your screenshot references IFS APPS but you have linked to guides for FSM and tagged the post as FSM. FSM and IFS APPS are two separate applications.

Are you able to confirm which application and version this applies to so that the respondents can be sure they are giving accurate advice?

Kind regards,

Lee Pinchbeck

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Hi @Lee Pinchbeck 



I asked about the FSM because I was curious. It is constantly mentioned in theme subjects.

We are using IFS Version 10.5. My aim is to create the theme colors we want for our organization and make the program more enjoyable for the users.


Adnan Yılmaz.

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FSM is a best-in-class solution to support field service and depot repair management operations. From optimizing scheduling and pricing, to managing contracts and inventory, FSM does it all! FSM is a server-based application used to manage your business. With the addition of the Internet of Things (IoT), FSM is the most complete, connected field service solution on the market. The many features of FSM will allow you to increase customer satisfaction and profit.

FSM is accessed using clients, which are software programs that access a service made available by a server in a client-server model. FSM6 uses the FSM6 Smart Client (an application interface connected to your network that allows server-based operations), a Web Client (a program capable of communicating with web servers) and our web-based Portals, which provide a quick snap-shot of pertinent information for a target group of users. Our Mobile Client feature allows access by handheld devices.


PATH_TO_CUSTOM_THEMES is a app param. 

Description - Network path to custom theme files (*.xaml).  Defaults to null (i.e. no path is set).  When set to null, custom theme files are searched for in the Themes subfolder of the client deployment location.   Only need to set if using custom themes and client is deployed from a location not accessible via the local network, as from the internet.



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hi @Randika Costa 


PATH_TO_CUSTOM_THEMES How do I define the address? do you have a screenshot?

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I have just tried to explain the existing solution here for you.

  1. First, You have to create a directory name "Themes” to the installation directory of smart client. Then add xml theme files to that directory.

             Eg : C:\inetpub\wwwroot\FSM6U5\ClientDev\Themes

For example, There is custom theme XAML file created as MyTheme.xaml and it looks like this,


  1. You will need to set the PATH_TO_CUSTOM_THEMES  app param to point to the directory where you are storing your custom themes.


I have set the above path to the App param PATH_TO_CUSTOM_THEMES. You should provide your corresponding path to this App param.

  1. Make sure to Refresh Cache and then try logging back into the client. You should be able to see your custom theme under         File > UI Themes