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Can a purchased material be excluded for planning until it is physically received ?

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We are having difficulties facilitating the following scenario in IFS, if you could please provide guidance if we are missing a setting or functionality, as this is a fairly standard industry wide process. 

Scenario : We purchase Raw Materials from Overseas. We pay for and assume ownership of the parts on dispatch of shipment from the Supplier (sometimes these shipments can take 4-8 weeks). In IFS, these parts should be considered part of our Inventory from a Financial perspective, however they are not available for Planning as this have not yet physically been received on site. Currently IFS, the parts are appearing in Inventory both Financially and from a Planning perspective, they should not be appearing available for Planning while they are in transit but only when they are physically received onsite. 
This behavior is causing us significant issues in our MRP planning as these parts are appearing as though they are available on site and can be consumed ever though they are still in transit.
If you could please advise

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Create a warehouse within your site that is known to mean the material is not in the building, we have one called FIN for Finishing, but you can determine what is appropriate for you situation.

Create a Bay per Supplier using the supplier ID as the Location No within that Warehouse.

Create an Availability Control that locks down the part as not available, not reservable, not issueable, you could leave the Part Counting on.  Movement is up to you, we leave ours allowed so it can be moved with the availability control on.  The Non Nettable Part Supply Control is the key to keep it hidden from MRP and Ordre Point.


Set the availability control to be a default for anything moved into that warehouse automatically inherits the availability control.  You then have full visibility from a location perspective without the planning ability.  Finance can recognize the inventory as on the books even though not there.



Your situation is normal for lots of reasons, we do this with DEMO, MRB (Material Review Board), a SCRAP warehouse that is a holding area until scrap operations are planned, but all use a similar setup.


well few workarounds that I can Think of, As soon as you release the PO the Materials are Considered for Planning therefore, the Following options are recommended. 

  1. have the PO in a “Planned” State , create a report that will take the Purchase order output in the planned State, receive the PO once stock arrives at the premises. 
  2. Create a PR in the Planned State and Take a PO output from the PR window, once the PO is received Create a PO and receive the stock