Error message when connecting customer to Price List

  • 11 October 2021
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Hi everyone!


When I’m trying to connect a customer to a Price List in IEE9, I receive the following Error Message:


The company set up on the customer is correct, and it’s the same company on the price list.


Any thoughts what could be wrong? Thanks for your help!



4 replies

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Hi Emma,

Kindly please try refreshing the window and saving the record again.

If it is not working, please check whether this price list is getting fetched to the LOV in “Pricelist No” field of Pricelist per Price group tab?

At the same time have you added your site to “valid for site” tab in the price list?

Please check and let us know.

Thank you!


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Hi @Emma,


As per the information you have given, seems like this is not a normal behavior or error message that you should usually get. I strongly recommend you to raise up a case to IFS support to carry out further investigations on this issue and identify the root cause of it. Most probably this could be due to a customization/localization or a bug, if all the necessary basic data setup is correctly set up/configured as motioned by @Sanduni Ranaweera.



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Hi @Sanduni Ranaweera,


Thank you for your answer! 

The price list is getting fetched to the LOV and I have also added my site to the price list. 




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Hi @Emma,

Well then as mentioned by @Ruchintha Samararatne please report a support case to check the error.