IFS APPS 10 with Oracle 19c

  • 30 April 2021
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We are migrating to Apps 10 from Apps 9.
We have been using applications since 2002.
The Oracle database will be reinstalled and migrated to 19c.

The following parameters are present and cannot be changed.
- IFS instances: 3 (DEV, TEST, PROD)
- Oracle licensing, usage is only on one server!
- Oracle runs on bare metal and the failoverstrategy is a cold standby.
- MiddleWare 3 (DEV, TEST, PROD)

If I understand the requirements correctly, only one PDB is supported with one CDB for each instance?
So I need to install 3 CDBs with 3 PDBs?

In this case I cannot setup a resource plan for this 3 instances.
Plus I got a overhead with with the cdb and it is more complicated to administer.
All 3 instances con influence each other.
I realy don’t understand this restriction from IFS.
The database should work tranparent for the extended server?
The negative aspects outweight the positive one.

Anyway I’m thinking about to skip the implemantation for CDB and use the depricated non-CDB version until oracle 20 or IFS supports multitenant?

What do you think?

Thank you





2 replies

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For Apps 10 IFS only supports once PDB per CDB, so you’re right with your observation - I need to install 3 CDBs with 3 PDBs.

For upgrade projects, it is easier to deploy a single instance database environment and use it for the migration. Single instance works perfectly for Oracle19/Apps 10.

IFS Applications don’t care if its multitenant or single instance, as long as you’re pointing to the right database. 

Hope this answers your questions. Good luck!

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IFS Applications 10 supports both multi-tenant and non-multi-tenant databases. In multi-tenant databases, IFS Applications 10 supports one CDB and PDB. 

IFS recommends using the latest available release update revision of the supported Oracle Database versions.

Oracle 19c

Version IFS Applications Support as of Limitation Solution
Oracle 19c Standard Edition 2 Update 6

Thumbnail generation for media items is not supported up to UPD7.

275500274771275374 ,276877281129

Oracle 19c Enterprise Edition 275500274771275374276877

* Important: The DBCA templates for Oracle 19C are included in Solution ID 275500. Please note the templates must be downloaded separately when using Oracle 19C with IFS Applications 10 UPD6. 

Oracle 12c R2

Version IFS Applications Support as of Limitation Solution
Oracle Standard Edition 2 RTM In Oracle 12.2, non-multitenant databases are deprecated 281129
Oracle Enterprise Edition Oracle error related to complex SQL queries in pluggable databases, LCS Solution 261525