IFS 9 to Cloud Upgrade anyone?

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Can any IFS Customers, Partners or IFS Consultants in the Community elaborate on an upgrade you’ve made from IFS App9 to the Cloud?

We are in App9 UPD14, we are debating to go through App10 or not. What do you think?

We have quite a lot of customizations and configurations and maybe, only maybe, some of them will not be needed after the upgrade. 



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Hi @ShawnBerk. We are embarking on a similar journey (Apps 9 UPD17 to Cloud). Thank you so much for providing the original 14 points from 9 months ago. I’m wondering if you would be willing to provide an update on how the project has gone for you. Some of the things that you have learned, and especially anything that we should be looking at from an API / customization perspective. Again - thank you so much for your contributions to date!



How is the progress with your upgrade to cloud?

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We have just started looking at the academy for training and received our first install to start testing with. We have not even got that up and going yet. No real experience with the APP other than sandbox/race environment.

Basically, nothing to report yet.

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We are going through the same upgrade consideration process as the original poster Apps9 v17.

We initially were going via Apps10 route, but worked out very expensive with restricted support looming for apps 10.

We are now scoping for the on-prem version of IFS Cloud, with an aggressive timeline of 9 months. The board are looking for us to provide an overview of the business benefit due to the sheer cost and struggling to justify beyond being on a supported release (I don’t like the idea of the business falling so far behind with versions, I know the application will get developed to a point it will get even harder to move!), limiting risk with security patches and mobile functionality!

Added to the problem that we would like to get costing for the asset management module in 9 and IFS have not been able to quote with them pushing cloud so hard it’s very difficult to justify the cost and effort!

Does anyone know from IFS existing 5.5k customer list how many are actually on legacy/ support restricted versions??