Error in _ant_generateDB - files are not generated if model file was not updated

  • 15 September 2021
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We are facing an error in _ant_generateDB in which the files are not generated if model file was not updated.

For instance, if only a.plsql file of an already existent logical unitis modified, the build process in ISD does not generate the respective .api/.apy/.apv files.

We need to force a dummy change in the .entity/.utility file in order to make the build process recognize the change and generate the installation files.


After some investigation we found out that the problem is related with the file ifs-dev-buildtasks.jar (placed in BUILD_HOME\build\IfsBuildTasks\

The current one that has the issue is version 10.5.5499.0.

For testing I updated that file to version 10.6.6006.0 (copied from another customer environment that does not have this build issue) and then the build ended up perfectly with all .api/.apy/.apv generated without the need of changing the model files. 


Questions are:

  1. Is it safe to update that file manually from 10.5.5499.0  to 10.6.6006.0 directly in the DEV and BNT environments? I`m not sure if it can`t break anything else. For safety reasons I went back to the buggy version.
  2. If option 1 is not a recommended procedure, what would it be? Maybe ask CoS to apply the fix? What do you recommend?


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