MWO Workflow Configuration not working

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Hi All.

Could someone help with the situation that I created a Workflow Configuration but after sync it’s not working.

Running apps10 UPD14, mwo maintenance 10.


One thing I have noticed after investigation is that as I query the views, the site access is not visible linked to the configuration seq field. Please take a look in the prints.


In the WORKFLOW_CFG_FILTER view, the workflow ID is there, but in access not.


Am I missing someting thing or it looks like a BUG?

tks a lot





Best answer by lopespetro 4 May 2022, 03:46

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I think Workflow_Access is mainly for “Employee” type workflow configurations. For “Work Task” type configurations, Sites tab indicates work tasks in which sites (and Maintenance organizations) should get the configuration applied. 

Don’t you get the config applied to the work tasks in selected site/maint. org in sites tab as per the filter settings? 

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Hi @lopespetro,

Please check view WORKFLOW_ORG_SITE for config type work task.

WORKFLOW_ACCESS is for Employee Wf.




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Hi @skullk and @Bandula , tks for the info and attention.

I could that there is another view showing the link to org and site.

I’m still investigation and doing more tests, but I think the solution is to disable and delete the device in user detail.

I created a new workflow, disabled and deleted the device.