You are not allowed to have a Activity Sequence without a project

  • 5 April 2022
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one error here in IFS Project, when creating purchase demand through project activity. please see screenshot attached.


do you have an idea what it is? and how to fix this error?


Thank you.

5 replies

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Hi Ron,

Sound like a strange error

What is the exact step you are executing, creating the Misc No Part line, or creating the project supply request from the line?

  • Do you have any events enabled that do something not allowed?
    because it sound like something is creating a PO line or SO or something, with an activity_seq filled but without the project ID field filled
  • Could be some data inconsistency where your activity does not have a project filled,
    but I doubt that unless the aactivity was not manually created but via an interface or so

Hope this helps

Regards Erik

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Hi There, 

I’ve seen this error message before where the project PrePostings for the sub project does not have the project ID in. Normally, there should be a * to cover all sub projects, or where PrePosting is different per sub project and there is no *, the sub project to which the activity is attached must have a PrePosting line to cover the project ID. Perhaps this is something worth checking on your project >PrePostings tab. 

Kind regards,


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Very much appreciated your input here.

We realized the preposting error  and we deleted it in Project window, tab Preposting. but there still comes the error.

let me check again about your input here. Thank you again.

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financial guy told us to remove the preposting value in Project window, which we already did. then we have this error.

We realized, the subproject we are trying to create MISC demand, already has multiple transactions, which means the preposting might already be in effect to this subproject, though we deleted the preposting in Project window, Preposting tab.

Now the issue is, how we could resolve it after we removed the preposting value.

Thank you.

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@EriLNL  We fixed our issue. we added back the preposting line, but not the cost center. previous cost center gives us trouble regarding posting control.

Thank you again for your instruction.