Time Authorization process, in IFS Aurena

  • 16 November 2021
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1. Authorizer access
An Authorizer should be able to report time for accessible employees, or change wrongly reported project time for accessible employees, in accordance with the project accesses that the resources in question have. This is not possible right now.


2. Manager Access
The issue is that Managers only have access to report on own projects for Employee. Sometimes (normally sick leave) the Manager needs to report time for the Employee on project where he/she is not Project Manager, but that is not possible. This wasn't any problem in UPD 4 which we used before. But now when using UPD 6 it is a problem.


Can you identify a solution where a Manager can report time for the Employee where he/she is not Project Manager (using window Time Registration in IFS Aurena)? Same goes for the Authorizer.


Best answer by Pabasara Kalahe 16 November 2021, 12:18

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2 replies

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Hi Ushan,

As far as I am aware, we do not have support this business practice in the core application currently. Manager should be in the team of that project that he is going to report time for. Also, the Authorizer can only do Time Attendance reporting and Project Time reporting on projects to which the Authorizer has project access. The customer might have to  modify Project Access of other projects to allow the Manger/Authorizer to report time on those projects. Maybe our eminent community might suggest some workaround for this issue.

Best regards,


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@Pabasara Kalahe Thanks for the explanation!!