Projectd Deliverables - Direct Delivery

  • 17 January 2022
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For project deliverables when some equipment is purchased (externally or internally), we have not found any possibility to have a supply option where the supplier ships the goods directly to the customer.

Currently we use Customer Order for these scenarios, but that is not optimal in combination with projects.

Any ideas on alternative solutions or development done in Project Deliverables?

6 replies

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We are facing the same issue. Any ideas/news on this?

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No news yet. We are looking at abandoning the Project Deliverables solution completely in this case. I was hoping for IFS to show some interest in this topic.

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Hi @Peshala Fernando @krhuno,
Appreciate your assistance on this or if you know who might be able to help?
Thanks & Best Regards,

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My customer also have this exact issue. This is common practice in Construction and therefore having to use workarounds for the limited functionality here is not ideal.

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Just to be clear, Requirement is

  • Order Component Parts from a supplier(Internal or External) and Directly deliver in to Customer site for assembly.
  • Invoicing will be handled through Project(FW supplier invoice/invoicing plan) or customer order

I have directly involved in this development at that time.. Project Deliverables-Shipment integration is basically developed to ship Items which are manufactured inhouse and not able to handle this type of scenario directly.

Yes, there are dots in the application which are not tightly connected or not connected at all. 


Have you tried adding the customer address to project addresses. Any POs created through project you then have the ability to change the delivery address to the project address