Excel Migration tool for Bulk Upload of Project Time registration in IFS V10 UPD7

  • 24 May 2022
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I am trying to configure a Excel Migration tool to bulk upload Project Time registration using the method Project_transaction_api.New__. I am getting an error ‘ORA-20124: Error.NULLVALUE: Field [SALES_AMOUNT] is mandatory for Project Transaction and requires a value.’

When i tried to manually enter in the Project Time Registration screen and debugged, the same api is being called and the record is saved successfully.

But the same API is called in the fnd Migration job, the ORA-20124 error is coming.

Can someone help.

Thanks in Advance.


Siva Ganesh M




2 replies

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Hi Siva,

The in the Project Transaction “Sales_amount” is a mandatory field, so you will need to add it to you Migration job. You could default it to 0 if you do not need to invoice your time to a any customer. 

Hope this helps a bit 

regards Erik

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@Siva Ganesh M @EriLNL 

Did you ever get this to work for you?  We have tried the suggestion from Erik @EriLNL  by using 0 as a default but that didn’t resolve the error.


Thank you,