Restrict to untick Labour Time in Start Production dialog box in SFW

  • 31 August 2021
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When the users/employees are starting productions on shop order operations which have planned labor run time, the Labor Time tick box in Start Production dialog box is selected by default.

However, noticed that the user/employee who is doing the Start Production, can untick it, and proceed, which cause the labor hours/cost is not captured.

Is there a way to restrict for the users to untick that checkbox ?


Thank you in advance !


Best answer by Björn Hultgren 31 August 2021, 13:24

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2 replies

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Unfortunately I don’t think client objects like this check box can be set to read-only in Enterprise Explorer. I think it is possible using page designer in Aurena though!

Normally operators are lazy and won’t select or unselect anything that is not required to start the time, but of course it can happen occasionally by accident. 

Maybe possible with a creative event action that fires a sys error if machine is started without labor but sounds rather complex to me. 

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@Björn Hultgren , Thanks a lot for confirming.

I thought the same.