Default Alternate Recipe Structure (not * )

  • 14 October 2021
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As most of you are probably experiencing, we are having severe issues with raw material availability. The way that we manage that in IFS is by creating additional recipe structure alternates.

This causes us two problems.

  1. MRP does it’s calculations based upon the alternate marked *
  2. New shop orders are created using the alternate marked *

Ideally, we would like to designate which alternate is the default, and MRP would use that for calculations and any new shop order would use that alternate for its recipe.

For example, using the picture below, I want to go in and set Alternate 12 as the default. From then on all calculations (and shop orders) are based on Alternate 12 until I change it to a new default (maybe 15, maybe *).

Is there a solution to do this?

I don’t believe that we want to overwrite or change the * alternate, because that is our true recipe that we want to go back to.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Our supply chain team really could use a win on this.








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2 replies

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Hi Mike

Are you already using “structure lot size”?

Else you could try to define your default alternate by using “Min Lot Qty” = 0 for your choosen alternate.


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This made so many people happy. Thank you so much!