Finding a way to administrate Fault Definition (FD) in MTX

  • 6 February 2023
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Increased use of FD get more frequent FD need to be removed.
A FD cannot be obsoleted or deleted from the CS it was created.
Today the FD are renamed starting by "OBSOLETED" which is not correct for end user in the GUI. 

Potential solution identified are :

  • RSTAT2 the FD?
  • Move the FD into an unused organisation?
  • Any other solution?

Best answer by Robert Bellemare 14 April 2023, 22:29

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Hi Olivier,

The administration of fault definitions can be achieved using the Diagnostics Adapter. Please see this guide for more information. The Diagnostics adapter can be used to create, edit, and mark fault definitions as obsolete.

The table fail_mode has a column obsolete_bool. When set to 0, it will set a fault definition as obsolete. The fault definition will still appear in the fault definition search, but it will no longer appear as a selectable fault definition when raising a fault.

It would be best to set this Boolean to 1, and also to change the name of the fault definition to ensure that all stakeholders to this process have visual cues that a fault definition is obsolete.