IFS Cloud 22R1 - Time Clock showing nothing

  • 1 October 2022
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After migrated from IFS9 to IFS Cloud 22R1 (all configurations have been done as the IFS Cloud documentation), and the only thing we can see on our time clock is the screens below. Anybody have any idea?






Best answer by Frank Weber 6 October 2022, 14:48

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Have you entered the Service Account User in IAM Client Details Page?

Did you check that Identity and Directory Id in the User Details for the Service User are identical?

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Thanks @Frank Weber,


I finally found the problem and it was exactly the directory id. The IFS configuration help have a wrong information. Now, everything works fine.





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@Frank Weber @gianni.neves Thank you!

I too had followed the IFS configuration steps. I created the IAM client before the user and didn’t go back to touch the client. In my instructions I will indicate to create the user first, then create the client with the user selected.