Automatic Insert of Normal Hours

  • 11 November 2021
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I have customer that wants to change the way “Generated Results” are inserted into an employee’s Time Card. They want the hours to be populated for their salaried employees at the beginning of each day instead of at the end of the day. This is due to their company processes. 

I believe the Scheduled Task - “Generate Timerep Intervals and Hours” is what does this. I believe the tasks inserts the hours at the end of the day by default. Is there a way we can change that? We tried changing the schedule to 12:10 AM but it didn’t seem to insert the hours for the current day. Does the task insert for the previous day or the current day? 

A little setup background: 1. Employees are setup with a Time Base of “Generated Results” 2. Their Time Registration Employee Time Base = Automatic Insert of Normal Hours” 3. Their Schedules are Non Day Type Dependent 


3 replies

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According to my understanding this only applies to past days. It does not register time in advance. 


Shehan Almeida.

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Hi @Nik_K ,

As Shehan informed, this applies only to the past days. The system will not be able to insert time card entries for the current day automatically as the day is not yet complete. 


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Hi @Shehan Almeida  and @Lasanthi Jinadasa,

Thank you both for your feedback. I will let the customer know and see how they’d like to proceed. 

Thank you both, again!


Thank you,

  Nik Kumar