Why PDF_PARAMETER_XX not fetching data in PDF_REPORT_CREATED event action

  • 22 September 2021
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Hi all,

I am using PDF_REPORT_CREATED event action to send a mail but it is not fetching values for pdf parameters. I found a workaround from the community community post , it is extract data from the report xml. But if there is any change of order of the tags, the values won’t fetch correctly. So, I’m looking for a suggestion/ solution to get values to pdf parameters. 
I’m using IFS Apps 10 UPD12.

I have attached the current output (body) of the mail from the event.

Please let me know if there is any suggestions.


Thank you in Advance!

2 replies

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In order to be familiar with this functionality, login to the application.  Go to either customer order or purchase order screen. While on the header of either screen, press F1. This will get you the help and on the header portion of the help screen there is a link to about email reports. Follow the instructions and you will see which action will fetch which PDF values and you should be able to get a detail information.


I also would suggest you to pay attention to your event variables. 

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Hi @Lakmal Vithanachchi , Thank you for your suggestion. The event is currently working when I print the report. I was able to fetch required data using result key as a work around. But PDF_PARAMETER_1, PDF_PARAMETER_2 .. variables don’t fetch any value as you can see it in the above screen print. I was able to use those variables in some other environments. Data would be more accurate if I could get data from those variable.