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Send Supplier Remittances

  • 24 June 2020
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Hi all,

We are trying to send supplier remittances by email but they are not going out. We have configured comm methods, AP Supplier Contact, message setup.

I can’t find much in the help file so does anyone have any suggestions?



9 replies

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I should have mentioned, this is in IFS 10 UPD 4.

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You need to define &PDF_REPORT_CREATED event with the condition when REPORT ID = UNIFORM_PAYMENT_ADVICE is created. 




As soon as the payment order is created, it will send the email to the supplier. 

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Many thanks @Tolkounai, I will put that in place and re-test.

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That doesn’t seem to work for me. I created a test event action so that any PDF report gets sent to me (i.e. without the REPORT_ID filter). I then printed a Purchase Order and chose to physically print and also email a copy, but only the email copy from the print dialogue came through, not the one configured below...


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Was there any solution to this?  We are running into the same situation.  No email is generated.

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Hi @aprough,

Not exactly, I need to return to it at some point. I did something similar with Purchase Orders though so the same should work for Remittances, and it requires the PDF to be generated, e.g. with the No_Printout option…

Firstly, I use a custom event with a custom attribute that builds the PDF file name variable PO_PDF_FILE:


Then I use the &PO_PDF_FILE variable from the event as the name of the attachment in the email. It took me many days over several weeks to figure this out and get it working.


I hope this helps.

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Make sure the Mail Sender is set up correctly.

For example,


Then go to E-mailing Reports using Event Action and set up the email event.

In this case we have used PDF_PARAMETER_3 in the condition as we do not want this triggered for one other company. You will not need to use this. But use the Report Title condition to make sure this is only triggered for Payment Advice. Also make sure to attach the PDF_FILE as the attachment.


This works fine for us. If it still doesn’t work for you, perhaps it would be good to report a case to IFS for further investigation.

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I am also facing the same issue. This is Apps 9.

The Mail Sender is correctly setup.

The Event Action is set up as follows.

The only difference I see is that it does not have the From User. Does it make an issue?



This has been a very useful thread. To add my two pence… its worth noting that the supplier contact referenced in the payment tab:


Should have a valid from and valid to date:


The email address will not be picked up if this is missing.