Navigate from Lobby Matrix to a Quick report passing a parameter

  • 5 October 2022
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Hi, i have found a couple of similar issues, but with the solution provided I cannot have my lobby work.

I have a data source based on an IAL: 


and from a Matrix, clicking on one Country listed I need to open the Quick report passing the “country” value as a parameter; this is my attempt:


The result is that the quick report opens like this:

The quick report is the same SQL than the IAL. Can anyone help?



6 replies

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Hi @d.pancra ,


Did you find the answer to this question?


Best Regards


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Hi @Mervan, unfortunately not yet…



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Just had a play around,

Works fine for List elements, however it isn’t liking it for Matrix elements



Looks like it should work for Aurena Client though:

Lobby Navigation Guildeline (

There is a specific section for Matrix elements



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I can no longer edit my previous post does to passing the 1 hour mark.


After further investigations I would assume that the EE framework does not have the ability to send both the X and Y values from the matrix to then form the result for the parameter entry of the quick report.


Also in my previous post, I am changing my stance on Aurena that it probably won’t work in the Aurena Client either. There is a new page for Lobby Navigation in IFS Tech Docs, however this suggests parameters only work for Page/Assistant/Tree

Lobby Navigation Guildeline (





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Hi @CallumW ,

thanks for the investigation. Actually, for me it doesn’t work for Lists either (I’m on App9).

Moreover, from my original comment the behavior has changed (matrix or lists is the same):

  • the former syntax “ifsrep:qr.875224&Country=$country$” doesn’t work anymore, now I have to use “?” instead of “&” (ifsrep:qr.875224?Country=$country$)
  • the quick report opens, but with a blank parameter instead of the “&country&” that was passed before


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Have you tried just doing this:

You shouldn’t need to add into the URL address, the source column and target column should do the work for you