Invoice No field on Manual Supplier Invoice for auto numbering

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Hi community,

I defined a new invoice type and series ID for supplier. Then I assigned the new invoice type to supplier as default invoice type for manual invoice. When I create a new invoice for the supplier, invoice type and series ID are populated from supplier basic data however invoice no field is not read only as expected. See my steps below


  1. Define a new series ID


  1. Select series ID and click invoice number series button. Enter valid from, start value, end value and next value in detail window.


  1. Define a new supplier invoice type and select previously created invoice series ID for definite invoice series ID.


  1. Go to supplier master and change default invoice type for Manual to newly created invoice type. 


  1. Create a new supplier invoice. See that invoice type and series ID info is populated from supplier master. However, invoice no field is not read only as expected. If you manually assign the invoice type for any supplier then the field is read only.


Can someone test in reference environment please? 


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I’ve tested this in IFS Cloud 22R2 in reference environment. It works the same if automatic type is default for Supplier.  In New Manual Supplier Invoice the field Invoice no is editable still.

But if you configure an auto numberig type on the Company level - New Manual Supplier Invoice runs with auto numbering type and Invoice no is hidden:



Next when you choose Supplier it will stay still hidden.

Best Regards,



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Hi Paweł

Thanks for testing. I cannot change on company level since it will affect all invoices. The solution I need is for some particular suppliers.

I do not have access to raise a ticket for bug. Are you able to do that?