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Grant Permission by page in Aurena

  • 9 March 2021
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Hi All,


Is it possible to grant/revoke permission by page in Aurena?

When we grant a projection to a permission set, lots of pages connected to the projection is available in the navigator.


Example scenario:

I just want to enable Quick Absence

In Aurena go to

Solution Manager > Security > Permission Sets > Permission Set > Projections and Lobby Pages → Manage By Navigator

choose Quick Absence from navigator, Edit projection access for selected pages. In the Manage Projection Grants page, only the projection can be granted. I need to remove the other pages granted along with this but seems it’s not possible. Is there another way to handle this than hiding from navigator?






Best answer by Krister Liljedahl 9 March 2021, 15:31

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Hi Damith,


No, security in Aurena is based on the projections, so if you grant a projection to a user, that user will get access to all the pages belonging to that projection. 


I’m afraid you will have to hide the navigator entries for the pages you do not want the users to see.