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  • 29 October 2019
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Somewhere in IFS 10, each window knows which table or view it’s based on.  And, the navigator knows what to display in it’s list and which window to display when the user clicks an item.  How do I get a list of all the windows named in the navigator, the tables or views they’re based on,  and their Object relations?

For instance, someone created a custom menu in window “frmPriceInquiryAnswer” and I need to verify it works (for migration to IFS 10).  Searching the navigator for something like that gets me to “Price Query” and it doesn’t have a custom menu.  Multiply this by a list of 300 custom menus, and you see my problem.

In advance, thanks so very much!


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Honestly I don’t completely understand your requirement. However if you want to find the window named frmPriceInquiryAnswer, you can try to get it from address bar (Ctrl + Shift + A) - assuming this is an apf window.




I couldn’t find any available screen that lists all the window titles connected to the window names together with their view and other information. However if you know the logical unit you can find such information from the Logical Unit screen. 


Furthermore, IFS EE client reads its navigator information from a compressed xml file named navigator.xml.gz. You can find this either in <ifshome>\instance\<instance_name>\client\runtime or your local click once cache. 


Try following steps to see this in your local click once cache

  1. Start IFS EE
  2. Start task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc 
  3. Now find the started IFS EE client (named like IFS Enterprise Explorer (32bit))
  4. RMB → Open file location
  5. Now find the navigator.xml.gz in the opened folder. 
  6. Extract it and open the navigator.xml file in a text edit - try to find frmPriceInquiryAnswer and its window name as required
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Thanks - I think the Navigator file might be helpful in the future.  To clarify my question:

When we exported the list of custom objects, we got these columns:

As you see, all I know is that the custom menu is found in window “frmPriceInquiryAnswer”.  There’s no hint as to how I would navigate to that window so I can test the custom menu.  I found by accident that in some cases, the window is actually a tab in some other form.  For example, the “tbwOrderQuotationLine” window is found by navigating to the “Sales Quotation” form, and then selecting the “QuotationLines” tab.  This probably means there are thousands of  places to look for our custom menus.

At present, I have to guess how to filter the navigator to create a “short” list of items that might display that window.  Then I go through the items one at a time and look in the System Info > Object Relations > Data Source to find the name of the window and see if it’s the one I’m looking for.  

I’m hoping there’s some better way of searching in IFS, or querying an Oracle table(s) somewhere.


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Never tried it, but maybe you can grant access to the presentation object in a new permission set and then look at navigator preview. 


Kind regards, Paul

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Unfortunately, the custom menu appears in the “Window”, not the Presentation Object.  Thanks, anyway!

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The window id is also a presentation object. Try granting access to it. You can search on window id on the 2nd tab of the presentation object. 

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@DOlsen ok, if you are open to querying oracle table, try with the following query.


where po_id = 'frmPriceInquiryAnswer'


You know the window name, that should be same to the po_id in this table and the description should be similar to window title you are looking for. I believe this will work for most of the object but unfortunately I am not sure about custom menus inside the tabs.

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Thanks so very much!  You saved me several days of work.