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Email Error

  • 21 October 2019
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When using Apps10 and fireing an email event message application messages are dropping into the below status - All integration servers have been restarted and the problem still exists.


STUCK thread while executing native sender: 'null' 
Caused by: ifs.fnd.connect.senders.ConnectSender$TemporaryFailureException: STUCK thread while executing native sender: 'null'




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2 replies

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Hi Mike,

This looks like it would ideally qualify for a support case, because there could be a lot of reasons why this happens.

If you get a thread dump from the IntServer, you would see exactly where the thread is stuck. If the thread is stuck waiting for network communication (e.g. SocketRead) while sending data to an SMTP server, we can safely assume that​​​​​​ SMTP server is not responding. This is just an example, and it all depends on the stack trace and where the thread is stuck. Checking the logs may also help to narrow the issue down.

Please report a support case if you haven’t done so already, so that product support can have a look.



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Hi Mike,


As @sampathsris already mentioned, TemporaryFailureException could be due to many reasons. Normal behaviour of connect sender is it Retry the address according to the MAX_RETRIES and RETRY_INTERVAL parameters in the Connector sender configurations before setting the message to Failed. Therefore Stuck thread during TemporaryFailureException is unusual and best thing is to report a support case.

At the mean time, you can do some basic troubleshooting to check the mail sender.

  • Check the mail sender configurations. I would check TIMEOUT parameter whether it has abnormally high value
  • Create a dummy routing address of type Mail. Right click, Test. Press Send in the message box and notice whether it will deliver success of gives error.