Connect IFS Report Designer to IFSCloud

  • 30 August 2021
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Noob question. Is it possible to connect Report Designer to IFS Cloud?

After I installed the Report Designer, I try to connect it and it’s asking for host:port.  Fair enough, but in IFS Cloud I can only provide the URL with no port



Is it possible in IFS Cloud to connect a Report Designer installed on a developer’s machine? Do I need to create a IAM Client in IFSCloud for this? Or how would the authentication work? I guess it would still be OAuth2 right?


Many thanks in advance for any feedback on this topic.






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This is correct. This is because the same tool is used for IFS Cloud and Apps 10 tracks. For Apps 10 you have host:port and for IFS Cloud you have the URL. 

Depending on what type you enter the tool will identify the track and prompt you for the correct login.

Before connecting to IFS Cloud from IFS Report Designer, you will have to configure the IAM client for Report Designer tool. See below,



After that, it just the normal way, enter the URL and then give your login details.




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Thanks for your reply @ChanakaAmarasekara.

I’ve setup the IAM client as described in the documentation:


After having setup the IAM client, I have tried again to connect from IFS Report Designer:



But it redirects me to an page that says the Redirect URI is invalid:


Am I still doing something incorrectly @ChanakaAmarasekara ?

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@ChanakaAmarasekara I just noticed that I need to specify 2 redirect URIs. One for localhost and one for the Aurena URL. Initially I forgot to specify the localhost URI. Now I added it to the IAM client and I’m able to login to IFSCloud using IFS Report Designer.

Many thanks for your help @ChanakaAmarasekara!