23R1 Customer Order Line error

  • 20 November 2023
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Ever since we moved to 23R1 for our IFS Cloud implimentation, we have been getting the following error when trying to modify the wanted delivery date for customer order lines.


IFS Web Version:
Date: 2023-11-20T18:46:45.241Z


CustomerOrder/Form (server error)
Malformed Request.
Error details: [{"code":"FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND","message":"The function import 'CheckReplication' has no function with parameters '[OrderNo, LineNo, RelNo, LineItemNo, BuyQtyDue, PlannedDeliveryDate, PackingInstructionId, DefaultAddrFlag, AddrFlagDb, ShipAddrno, DockCode, SubDockCode, LocationNo, PlannedRentalStartDate, PlannedRentalStartTime, PlannedRentalEndDate, PlannedRentalEndTime]'."}]

Request Id: 5415e01d-09ec-40ac-863a-9b0653bfc2b0




Best answer by Marcel.Ausan 21 November 2023, 11:02

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@bdoucette  this is happening because most probably you have some Page Configurations on that Page which after the upgrade are now in status Behind. 

The thing is that each new release will bring some API changes and sometimes these changes are not backwards compatible → therefore you would need to rebase your page configurations to use the latest version of the API.

In your case, most probably the CheckReplication function call has fewer parameters in 23R1, but due to existing client configs, the function is called with more params.


See complete instructions on how to rebase your page configs.