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Sometimes our suppliers send sample items to us at zero value which we have to raise a zero value PO for and then book in as “stock item”.

I have been informed that when our stores try and GRN an FOC item it brings up an error message (I have not been informed what this error message is).

We then have to amend the PO line to 0.01 so stores can book into stock but the supplier invoice will be for zero value.  This 0.01shows on the GRNI report and we have to write it off.

Is there another way to book into stock at zero value please?

Thank you,

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Hi Lisa,

You can use inventory part cost control settings to allow a part to have a zero value.

Generally, the system requires that the part be cost calculated and has a standard cost. By allowing zero cost, exceptions from that rule can be made. If zero standard cost is allowed, cost accounting for inventory movements of this part will receive a zero (0) value.

Hope this helps.

Thanks & best Regards,
Dinudu Kankanmage.
IFS Unified Support.

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@LisaT  below is a screenshot of where you find the field that you need to change as per @Dinidu Udana ‘s instructions:


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Thank you both, for this information.

I will forward instructions onto the relevant department to sort.

Thanks again.