Project connection through Automatich posting rule

  • 8 November 2023
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Hello Experts,

I am using IFSAPP 9.

I am trying to connect the manufacturing indirect jobs posting transactions with certain project activity.

I have made it so far by redirecting the posting using GL Automatic Posting Rule functionality. This is working well.

Yet, I am not able to see the project connection of this posting in my project monitoring.

Any idea ? 

5 replies

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@AlvinM GL Automatic Posting Rules will normally move amounts from an account to another account. However, in order to have these amounts shown in the Project Monitoring, you also need to make sure those accounts are linked to a Cost/Revenue Element. This relationship is defined in Cost/Revenue Element per Code Part Value screen. 



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Hello @AlvinM 

I have created a similar solution for depreciation costs. However it did not work for me either. My assumption was project activity is updated with project transactions/connections when the voucher is created from the source module/window.

GL update is batch job running the background and most probably PROJECT_CONNECTION_UTIL_API is not triggered after GL update routine. That is why you can see in GL voucher details activity however your activity balances and connections are not updated.

You can develop an event action for GL voucher rows sourced from automatic posting rule with activity seq. If there are rows created with this criteria then you can run PROJECT_CONNECTION_UTIL_API to connect automatic posting rules to project connection window. Just be careful and make sure you are testing good.

Hope this helps

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Hello @Marcel.Ausan , thank you for the reminder. The account is already linked to Cost/Revenue element. So, that should not be the case.  I still don't see the transactions visible under that Cost element.


Hello @gumabs, thank you for sharing your workaround solution. Yet, I am curious, is this recommended by Rnd as well? Do you know if this solution has been taken a long in the current release/Clouds? and if you don't mind, could you share a piece of the event action code that you are using now?

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Hello @AlvinM 


I think the current design is standard solution. The one I shared with you is my experience from various implementation. I don't know why the current design does not support activity connection for automatic posting rules. I believe the reason could be that you might have different rules for IL and GL.  However, project activity balance is independent from GL or IL. That is why neither automatic posting rules nor depreciations are updating activity balance.


If you want, you can create a new idea for this requirement and also ask IFS the project balances are not updated. If you find out something please update us here also, i will be glad to hear the answer :)


Lastly, I have not created any custom event for this. It is a solution that came up to my mind.


Hope this helps and good luck with the implementation

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I’ve implemented GL Automatic Posting rules connected with project and project activity, but we had to create a GL Automatic posting rule per project and had to define a specific activity sequence in the Automatic Posting Rows section.


Are you saying that you created the GL Posting rule and it updated the GL with activity, project and cost/revenue element but didn’t show against the project costs? That should be reported to support through a case.