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"Failed to load person info" in Aurena screen

  • 19 September 2021
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Some end-users is receiving an error message "Failed to load person info.". 

Appears in most forms, such as:
-New Service request, after specifying a customer
-Service contracts
-Accounting proposal
-Customer invoices Analysis
and lots of other forms. The error message is not stopping, but is interfering with users.

Could you please tell me the reason for this?


Best answer by Amalith Wijewardhana 19 September 2021, 17:02

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3 replies

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Hi @samwije35 ,

This error may happen because user has not been given the required permission attribute to the permission set user has.

For that, you can tick the below Projections attribute highlighted. After giving this, refresh the security cache. Then you have to re-login to Aurena client and see whether you encounter the same error as before or not.


Thanks & regards,


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Hi @Amalith Wijewardhana 

This worked great for us, but I wonder how we could debug and found this projection ourselves? I tried to use the debug console in Aurena, but couldn’t find the projection in any logs. 


The ability to find, debug and correct errors in IEE is very good. But we fail to use Aurena for this. Is there a guide or best practice for debugging in Aurena?


Hi ,

In Aurena we need to grant the projection named “GetPartyTypeWidgetInfo”




Abdul Jaleel