Define an inventory part as Serial Object and Fixed Asset

  • 19 May 2021
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Hi everyone,


I would like your help regarding inventory part and fixed asset.

My client purchases Fixed Assets and store it in warehouse. Then it is issued on Material Requisition if needed in the equipement structure and / or Maintenance can be performed on them while in warehouse.

Do you know how to define an inventory part as a Fixed asset and as a Serial Object as well ?

Thanks for your help.



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8 replies

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It is not possible to connect inventory parts to fixed asset objects. That's why we use no part order lines when purchasing objects using POs.


However, it is possible to have an object connected to a site and have other details such as  Physical Location, Tag number.



Object Physical counts also can be carried out.


Hope this helps.


Shehan Almeida.

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Hi @BeaFannDe,

Hope we have answered to this within Assets (Enterprise Service and Assets Management) forum considering the need of performing maintenance on such object. As a summary “Serial Maintenance Aware” seems to be the best functionality that we can suggest to you in defining inventory part as a Serial/Functional Object.

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Hi @BeaFannDe,

Hope your well,

I would like to get few more clarifications on your question,

You have mentioned that the client keeps it in the warehouse and then issues at request, Is it something you want to consider as an inventory physically and financially as a Fixed asset? 

Also, you have mentioned that these parts are serviced/maintained at the warehouse, Can we conclude that these can be used in the equipment structure again after the service?

Moreover, you can use the Rotable part pool function of IFS if you want to connect a serial tracked inventory to a Fixed Asset if the part is rotable

Best Regard,


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Hi @BeaFannDe 


Please refer the attachment “Activating Rotable Pool Object” and see whether it works for you.


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Hi @Dharshankumaar Mahendran

I have activated the Rotatable Pool Object. But it showed on-hand quantity and available quantity in the inventory part in stock(Inventory value not zero). but, I do not need to consider it as an inventory physically, Only as a FA. How to handle this, please help me.



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Great conversations! Is it best practice to consider using Rotable Pool in the CRO and Purchase  Exchange functions?

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Could you please be kind enough to attach few screenshots of the issue to check further.

Best Regards,

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@Dharshankumaar Mahendran, apologies for the delayed response.


Unfortunately we don’t have any screen captures to share, as we are not using Rotable Pool at present, it was more a question of seeking advice. What we are seeing, is that there appears to be a timing issue in the CRO Exchange function, associated with Financial Transactions.


We also foresee a challenge with the use of RFQ’s for External Service Order, whereby, we are unable to evacuate the part for ESO and Core/Exchange Value