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  • 30 April 2024
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Hi community,


We have a problem with service notes created from MWO, which was reported by the customer:

  • If I add a new service note from the cloud, it’s synced down to mobile
  • If I add a new service note from the mobile, it’s not synced back to the cloud. In fact, the status of the work task is stuck on “work started” and I can’t get anything synced to cloud.

This is what we can read from the failed transactions:


I dont know if it helps, but we noticed that when you are adding a service note from the cloud, MWO is not retrieving correctly if the service note is external/internal.

Only if you click on the toggle bar, it retrieves the correct internal/external type for that note type.



After toggling


Can you please provide any help?

Thank you,



5 replies

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Before toggling

After toggling 


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Sounds similar to Synchronisation Service Notes from MWO to Cloud | IFS Community

Unfortunately I don’t see a resolution to that post, but worth reaching out.

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Hi ,

This issue has been fixed in 23R2 SU4.



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This is an issue resolved in 23R2 SU4 and 24R1EA/GA. Which release are you testing on?

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we are in 23R2 SU3. Our developers  will change it to  SU4 now. Let you know how it goes!