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  • 8 April 2024
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I would like to create a bookmark targeting the list of all my opportunities which are supposed to be signed by the end of this month.

Intuitively, I have done something like this :

Filtered search to be bookmarked
Bookmark created based on the filters

This works properly for the current month, here April for instance, because the Filter saved in the bookmark is “((MainRepresentativeId = 'XXXXXX')) AND EstimatedSignDate >= 2024-04-01 AND EstimatedSignDate <= 2024-04-30”.

However, when May will arrive, it will not work properly, because the filter does not keep in memory “This Month” but rather “EstimatedSignDate >= 2024-04-01 AND EstimatedSignDate <= 2024-04-30”.


Is there a way to make this automatic, instead of having to change this manually every month?



2 replies

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Up on this topic. Somebody would have an idea?

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Option 1
Bookmark the page Business Opportunities with no filter in place.
Create a saved search using Estimated Sign Date during #THIS_MONTH#, name it This Month's Ops. Run this search manually as required.

Additionally, for advanced functionality, in the Search Settings for the Business Opportunities page configure the Startup Behavior to Use Saved Search as shown. Every time you select the bookmark you will see this month's targeted signings.


Option 2
Create a Lobby Element that displays this information. This could be a counter or a list or some other type of element, but clicking on this element would take you to the Business Opportunities page populated with the relevant data.