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  • 11 October 2021
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When a PO authorizer is Forwarding Authorization on a PO to another Authorizer  - is it possible to set up Email notification to the “Forwarded To” authorizer? 

If there is no defined email notification to the “Forwarded To” authorizer - how will he/she know this has been forwarded to them for authorization? 


Appreciate any help on this issue. 




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Yes .You can run ‘Notification schedule-Purchase authorization’ job or schedule it to trigger system defined event actions to send notification messages to authorizers/acknowledgers about purchase authorizations

The two first messages will be sent to the substitutes for the authorizer/acknowledger of the authorization step as well as the authorizer. In case a step has been forwarded to another person the message will be sent to this person as well.


  • Notify User check box is selected on the Purchase Authorization Basic Data/Authorizers tab for  The authorizer/acknowledger.
  •  An e-mail address is defined for the user and the user is connected to the person on the Purchase Authorization Basic Data/Authorizers tab.
  • The number of the target days is defined for the authorization steps on the Purchase Authorization Basic Data/Authorization Routing Templates tab.
  • The relevant system defined event actions for each notification event is enabled.